We make adhesive tape with logo

Adhesive tape and courier bags + Your logo!

Logo printed adhesive tape
We make adhesive tape with logo

The most popular packaging tool can give much more! Pack your shipments by additionally protecting them and providing them original style that reflects your company. We will print your logo or other desired inscription on the adhesive tape.

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Courier bags with logo
We make courier bags with logo

Fast and economical way to pack small and unbreakable items. Put the items in the bag (e.g. clothes, handbags, etc.), remove the already prepared adhesive tape and lightly press. Done. Your shipment is ready to be transported!

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Examples of adhesive tape and courier bags

We will make courier bags representing your company and adhesive tape with your company logo or brand. Let each of your company’s shipment be authentic and unique.

Information about the delivery

The adhesive tape with logo and courier bags are manufactured and delivered all over Europe and occasionally even outside of its boundaries. We will choose transport, offering the best conditions for delivering items to your country and negotiate the lowest price. The orders are made remotely and the produced items are sent immediately.

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